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Project Sumary

From market and user research to wireframes, design, and front-end development, I believe this project displays my skills in project management and knowledge of the entire project life cycle.


I created the PR Advantage website for a client based in Puerto Rico. PR Advantage offers concierge, tax consulting, and relocation services to individuals, families, and businesses.


Redesign and restructure website and content to help users find information, encouraging new leads and increasing conversion rates.

  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation so users can easily browse and locate information.
  • Create user-friendly page layouts with a focus on content strategy and increase overall trust and credibility through an improved content experience.
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance, content marketing opportunities, and lead generation.
  • Implement designs into a fully responsive website backed by WordPress CMS.


My Role

UI/UX Designer
Content Strategy
Front-End Development



Information Architecture

The client’s website contained information that was extensive, useful, and displayed vast knowledge and information that the user would find valuable and applicable to their situation. Unfortunately, the website was outdated and copy-heavy, which was not a fully polished representation of professional work.

To begin organizing the navigation and content, I ask a few questions to help view the website from a user’s perspective. These include:

  • What is the flow of users going through the site?
  • How is the information presented to the user?
  • Is this information helpful to the user?
  • Does the information presented to the user drive decisions? 

To start answering these questions, I identify the target audience, what technologies they will be using, and the data presented to them. 

My approach to the redesign was to focus on clean information architecture and content strategy. The intention was for the site to be easy to navigate and allow the user to find information quickly.

Style & Images

This client had an established logo, which was the inspiration for the style guide and branding strategy.

Another part of visual improvements included updated imagery to reflect their company culture better. Lastly, the new typography tied the new look together.

The result was a professional and approachable user experience that reflected the professionalism and esteem of the client.


Poppins Semibold 32pt

Poppins Regular 18pt

Karla Regular 16pt

Poppins Bold 14pt

A story in Research

Understanding who the website visitors would be, their motivation, and the end goal were vital to organizing the informational architecture and content on each page. One part of my research process included visiting Facebook groups dedicated to people that have gone through the relocation process, tax restructuring, and service providers.

From here, I was able to interview and gather data that I used to identify the most important user goals. A unique method of user research that was extremely helpful was creating FaceBook polls with these targeted groups.

This data was also used to strategically place Call to Action areas to guide the user toward contacting the client.


Sample Landing Page

The numbers

Intending to increase traffic and gaining leads, there were several strategies implemented. The first was to polish the branding; this was accomplished with a new style guide and website design.

Next was to optimize the copy and content on all the main pages but particularly the homepage. The layout is based on information gathered from user research, and the information was organized in order of importance to the user.

Another improvement was to add blog articles on I identified as popular from the user research. This not only provided visitors with useful information but reflected the knowledge and credibility of the client. In turn, the visitors would feel confident in contacting the clien

  • Organic Traffic  – 90%
  • Contact Form Leads  – 77%
  • Email List growth – 55%

Available for hire or freelance.