Gametree App

UX Design | UI Design 

Project Sumary


The gaming world is crowded, it is hard to new quality games that fit your interests. It’s even harder to connect with new friends and coordinate gameplay sessions.  


The goal of the Gametree app is to connect gamers, get personalized gaming recommendations, and coordinate gameplay sessions with friends.



This project was an initial design concept proposed to the Gametree development team. 



The first interaction a user would have with the app is a walkthrough to quickly explain the purpose and what the user can expect to achieve. 


Sign Up

To make the signup process easier, I added signup options through popular social networks.  

Build a profile

The goal of this app is to match users with other gamers who share similar interests in gaming.

Another goal is to help users discover new games based on their personality and user profile that they otherwise would not find.

Find friends

Connect with gamers and find new friends locally and across the globe.   

Available for hire or freelance.